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Equine Dental Care

The Fall season is upon us. I know everyone is busy, but it's time to check and make sure your horse is in good body condition prior to winter. One way to do that is to have an oral exam performed to evaluate him/her to see if he/she has any teeth, tongue, or gum abnormalities. Equine dentistry is more than just floating (filing) teeth. It's much broader and examine's the horse's health systemically. Both young and geriatric horses benefit from routine dental care.

The general goals of equine dentistry include:

    -Improving the chewing of food

    -Improving feed efficiency

    -Relieving pain and treating infection and disease

    -Promoting general health, productivity and longevity

    -Decreasing risk for colic or choke

Call us today to discuss a dental examination for your horse-- and prevent more painful and costly problems later!

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